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Fizika models physical processes in a colorful, playful and interactive way. Use the preloaded objects or just draw on the screen to create scenes and experiments with ease and press the play button to get it in motion, just like in the physical world. Change the properties of the objects or the environment to alter reality. Experience physics in a whole new way and analyze the processes with Fizika’s live graphing solution. Play physics with Fizika’s game mode or create a challenge for other users. Fizika offers simple and exciting user experience and gaming elements for fun learning and understanding the world around us. Fizika delivers an unmatched experience for learning and teaching physics on mobile touchscreen devices and smartboards.

Advanced real-time physics simulator

Real-time parameter changing

Live graphing

Create and present virtual experiments from the ready made objects. Get data and draw conclusions from the live graphing feature. No need of extra lab equipment. Give assignments in form of challenges.


Online curriculum database

Explain physics, reactions in a spectacular way. Present the curriculum in a more engaging way with lifelike animations.

Teacher student sharing

Understand physics and physical reactions while you play. Do your home work or assignment on your favourite mobile device. Conduct virtual experiments without equipment and log the data. Solve the challenges given by the teacher, create challenges and challenge your classmates.

3 different environments


funky fruit

scary shadows


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